About us

Target Health

These are unprecedented times of discovery and opportunity in healthcare. The combination of new scientific developments, the omics revolution, and the growth in our capacity to compile and study vast amounts of data aided by artificial intelligence tools, gives humanity a chance to solve unmet medical needs and make healthcare accessible to more and more people.

We want to be part of the solution to healthcare challenges by targeting companies that advance innovative technologies with the double aim of addressing unmet medical needs and healthcare systems sustainability while generating competitive financial returns.

Aliath stands for Alliance for Impact on health. Our capacity to achieve the impact we desire relies on a symbiotic partnership between our teams, fund investors, entrepreneurs, and all the stakeholders involved in the development of the healthcare solutions the World needs.

Our roots are in Alta Life Sciences SL and AltamarCAM. Alta Life Sciences SL is the advisor to AltamarCAM for Alta Life Sciences Spain I FCR. Aliath Bioventures was born as a partnership for impact on life sciences to be the investment advisor of AltamarCAM future life sciences venture capital impact funds.