Innovation, Intention and Impact

Our process is driven by scientific, financial, sustainability and impact considerations from inception to exit.

Address unmet needs
We seek opportunities to solve unmet medical needs or make the healthcare systems more efficacious, efficient, and accessible. We cover therapeutics and health technologies (diagnostics, medical devices and digital health).
Focus on Impact and Sustainability
ACP Aliath Bioventures funds target competitive financial returns and sustainable companies to generate social impact. Aliath Bioventures has developed models and tools to monitor and quantify impact, to continuously learn and to improve our practice and capabilities. We have aligned our incentives and work processes with these objectives.
Take leading roles with a hands-on approach
We are an active partner with a hands-on approach. We work alongside management teams, providing them with expertise, capital, network, and support to reach significant value creating milestones and we typically hold positions in the Boards of companies.
Support for companies at all stages and at a global scale
We focus on companies at various points of development, from seed to commercialization but with a bias to their venture stage. Geographically, we have European focus although our pipeline is nurtured globally.
Disruptive innovative technologies addressing highly unmet needs and attractive markets or providing access to health or a more efficient/efficacious healthcare system
Strong entrepreneurial teams with deep domain knowledge and mindset for innovation
Viable business models with tangible impact